Cervicogenic Headache Treatment

About the process:

Cervicogenic headache can Mamic migraine but difference is migraine headache is rooted in brain, while cervicogenic headache is rooted from cervical spine (neck) or base of skull. Cervicogenic headache is caused by problems in nerves, bones or muscles of neck although pain starts in head, its source is neck.

What is the procedure

  • Problems in neck can trigger it.
  • Degenerative condition (OA, Prolapse dice, whiplash injury)
  • Wrong posture while setting or standing at work.(prolong incorrect postures stress the neck & base of skull).
  • Falling asleep in awkward position
  • Spinal manipulation, trigger Pt. release, strengthening, posture correction etc.

Quick facts

  • Stiff neck.
  • Pain around eyes
  • Pain while coughing.
  • Headache with certain neck posture or movement
  • Throbbing head pain

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