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Best Chronic Pain Management Hospital in Mumbai

Overview Of Pain Management

Chronic pain is pain that takes place in any part of the body and can last for months or even years. This type of pain can happen even after the surgery is healed. Some people may even experience it with no past history of an injury. The pain can be there all the time or it might come and go.

Pain Management Clinic in Mumbai
Pain Management Clinic in Mumbai

Causes of Pain

Some of the causes of chronic pain are long-lasting illness, Arthritis or any other joint problems, headache, nerve damage, repetitive stress injuries, muscle strains or sprains, broken bones, etc.

Symptoms Of Pain

Chronic pain affects your physical as well as your mental health and even your social life over time. It may lead to various symptoms including anxiety, depression, fatigue, Insomnia, mood swings, tiredness, drug and alcohol abuse, marriage and family problem, irritability, job loss, suicidal thoughts, etc.

Pain Management Clinic in Mumbai
Pain Management Clinic in Mumbai

Treatment Of Pain

In order to treat chronic pain, your doctor will first try to identify the cause of the pain. Sometime even they can’t find the cause. In this case, they try to manage the pain by gathering information from you about the type of pain, your age, and overall health. You may even require to seek treatment for your mental health.