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Best Cryotherapy Treatment


Cryotherapy is a treatment in which extreme cold or freezing temperatures are used to remove damaged tissue. Substances like liquid nitrogen or argon gas are used for this treatment. It can be used to treat many skin problems and some cancers. This is the therapy that treats tissue both internally as well as on the skin.


Conditions treated

There are many conditions for which your doctor might recommend cryotherapy such as many skin problems, early-stage skin cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, bone cancer, etc.


Cryotherapy has various benefits such as it helps in treating mood disorders, reducing arthritic pain, can be helpful in treating low-risk tumors, treating many skin problems, reducing migraine symptoms, etc. Cryotherapy can even numb the pain of your injury and thus is used by many athletes.



There is no major risk involved in cryotherapy, while it might have certain side effects like numbness, redness, bleeding, irritation, cramp or pain around the cervix, swelling, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should not use cryotherapy?

    People suffering from hypertension, cardiac pacemaker, acute kidney or urinary tract diseases, symptomatic cardiovascular disease, etc should avoid cryotherapy. Even pregnant women should not use cryotherapy.

  • How many treatments should I do?

    A typical course for cryotherapy involves 5-10 treatments which a gap of 1-2 days.

  • Should you take shower before or after cryotherapy?

    No, it is not necessary to take bath before or after a cryotherapy.