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Day Care Service

Overview Of Day Care Service

Daycare surgery is best suited for basic and common surgical procedures. Nurses, paramedics, and administrative personnel collaborate to build a treatment route that is efficient and without gaps.

Day Care Services Hospital
Day Care Services Hospital in Mumbai

Benefits Of Day Car Services

The goal of daycare is not to send the patient home but to ensure that the patient has fully healed by the same evening of the procedure. Some of the benefits of daycare surgery include speedier recovery, peace for the patient, fewer risks, and shorter hospitalization duration.

Procedure And Recovery Of Day Care Services

It is critical for the patient to have a good caretaker who can look after him or her once the patient is discharged from the hospital. If the patient has diabetes, pulmonary issues, hypertension, or other disorders, all of them must be considered before performing the daycare surgery. The recovery phase is regarded as the primary phase. Patients are stabilized until their vitals normalize and will have decreased discomfort and nausea. Such patients can go immediately to the second phase of healing. The patient is entirely well and cognizant enough to be returned home by a guardian in the second phase.

Day Care Services Hospital in Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the disadvantages of this type of surgery?

    In rare instances, there can be pain requiring injectable painkillers or bleeding.

  • Can all patients avail of Day Care surgery?

    The majority of patients are eligible for Day Care operations. For the safety of the patients, specific selection preparation criteria are followed.

  • Why must we arrive at the hospital 90 minutes before surgery?

    Registration, blood tests (if necessary), and examinations by doctors and nurses at the hospital take at least 90 minutes.