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The Best Ear Surgery In Mumbai


Ear surgery helps improve the ear's form, location, and proportion. A genetic abnormality in the ear structure or disfigured ear due to injury. The ear can be restructured in its natural shape while restoring balance and symmetry to the ears and face. This procedure is also known as otoplasty.

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Why It's Needed

Complications such as hearing loss, facial paralysis, balance problems, and potentially deadly brain infections such as meningitis are routinely treated with ear surgery.


Ear surgery carries risks, including bleeding, infection, and an unfavorable reaction to anesthesia. As well as other risks may include problems with stitches, changes in skin sensation, scarring, allergic reaction, asymmetry in-ear placement, etc.

Ear surgery Risks
Ear surgery Treatment


Ear Lobe Repair - A simple and direct, minor surgery to repair split ear lobes. This is primarily caused by wearing big and heavy earrings daily.
Tympanoplasty is a surgery used to restore the tympanic membrane. It also gets rid of any middle ear disease.
Myringoplasty is an otolaryngologist-performed operation to repair a hole in the eardrum.
Ossiculoplasty is a procedure that reconstructs the ossicles in the middle ear.
Mastoidectomy is a procedure used in instances of dangerous chronic otitis media. The goal is to keep the patient's ear protected and dry.
A stapedotomy is a small hole drilled or laser-cut into the footplate that allows a prosthesis to insert through it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of ear surgery?

    The benefits of ear surgery include everlasting improvement, enhanced self-confidence, realistic facial appearance, and ear correction.

  • What surgeon will instruct regarding the medication before surgery?

    The surgeon will advise you to avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory medicines, and herbal supplements, as these can cause excessive bleeding.