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The Best Sinus Surgery In Mumbai


Usually, this surgery is used to treat chronic sinusitis, and remove polyps from your sinuses as well as to treat other conditions. You have seen that most people have sinus problems and medication is not helping him/ her out. So, most people have sinus surgery because it involves removing infected sinus tissues, bones, or polyps.

Sinus Symptoms
Sinus Causes


Usually the causes of sinuses are filled with air. But the problem occurs when sinuses are filled and blocked by fluid, and give a path for the germs to grow and causes an infection. Some of the common blockage conditions such as: nasal and seasonal allergies, having a weak immune system from medications or illness, common cold etc.


Mostly the symptoms of sinus are mucus drip down the throat, runny nose, fever, dental pain, bad breath, cough.

Sinusitis Treatments
Sinus surgery treatment


There are various types of treatment in several ways, it is all depending according to your sinus problem. In a general sinuses infection, the treatment is for a few days, doctors will prescribe antibiotics, topical or it can be decongestants, a spray of intranasal steroids or topical antihistamine sprays.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will happen if the sinus is not treated on time?

    If Sinus is not treated on time, it can increase your pain and discomfort until it starts to clear up.

  • What are the home remedies for sinus?

    You can breathe in steam or have hot water bath to take off some of the pressure, enough sleep and give some time to recover.