Foam Roller Therapy

About the process:

Foam roller is a tool, used to relive muscle pain, release tightness improve circulation. They help to release muscle knots or adhesion to myofascial tension.

What is the procedure

  • Tightness in trapezius, ITB, quadriceps, Upper back
  • Trigger point release to release tender points
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Stretching thinning to core
  • Stretching the muscles & releasing tight structures
  • Foot conditions
  • Proprioception

Quick facts

  • Corrects alignment.
  • Works on central systems to decreased pain
  • Decreased stiffness
  • Increased mobility of spine
  • Simple techniques done by therapist with good results
  • Helps to correct posture & functional independence (ADL)
  • Improve relaxation & target source of pain, instead of only pain management
  • Improve spinal biomechanics improves spine health

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