Best Genicular Nerve Treatment


A Genicular Nerve Block is a treatment in which injection is used to provide relief from knee pain. It temporarily blocks the nerve signals in the knee thus preventing them from reaching the brain which eventually helps in reducing the pain. 


The patient is asked to lie down with the knees facing upward and a pillow is placed below the knees. And then a small needle is injected through which the nerves are anaesthetized with local anaesthesia to block the nerve signals temporarily. The doctor places the needle with the help of live x-ray guidance to ensure that the needle is placed properly and in the correct area.  


Genicular Nerve block is very helpful in treating people with knee pain within a few minutes. It is the best option for treating people without surgery. 


There are very few risks involved in Genicular Nerve block such as redness or swelling, pain, dizziness, etc. However, you will be monitored for a few hours after the procedure to avoid any major risks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the effect of the Genicular Nerve Block remain?

    The effect of the Genicular Nerve Block remains for about 18 months.

  • How long does the procedure of Genicular nerve Block take?

    The procedure generally takes 5 to 10 minutes.