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The Best Bartholin Cyst Treatment In Mumbai


Bartholin Cyst occurs when the opening of Bartholin glands which are located at the sides of the vaginal opening becomes obstructed. It develops a lump which causes pain and irritation while walking, sitting, etc. In most cases, it results in painless swelling.


The most common cause of a Bartholin cyst is the backup of fluid into the Bartholin glands. Some of the other causes of Bartholin cysts include injury, extra growth of skin in the vulvar area of the vagina, sexually transmitted infections, etc.


Most of the Bartholin cyst does not show any symptoms other than irritation. However, some of the symptoms include swelling, fever, redness, pain, and discomfort while performing various activities such as walking, sitting, wiping the area, having sex, etc.


Your healthcare provider will physically examine the cyst and treat it depending upon the size of the cyst. If the cyst produces any discharge, your doctor may even test the fluid.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Bartholin's cyst go away on its own?

    Bartholin cyst can go away on its own if not infected. However, if it gets infected, you will have to contact your doctor.

  • Can you prevent Bartholin's cyst?

    No, there is no way through which you can prevent Bartholin cyst. However, following some measures such as maintaining hygiene and having safer sex can be helpful.