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The Best Hymenoplasty In Mumbai


Hymenoplasty is the surgery that is used to restore the membrane covering the entrance of the vagina called hymen. Hymen is usually ruptured during first sexual experience. In India generally, women do this surgery under the pressure of cultural, religious, and psychological reasons


The most common cause of rupturing of hymen is sexual intercourse. Riding a bicycle, gymnastics, swimming, horse riding, etc are some other causes of hymen tears at any age. In rare cases, a girl is born without a hymen.


If the hymen is broken you may notice symptoms such as light bleeding, light blood spots. visible skin around the vagina, discomfort, etc.


Treatment of the broken hymen depends upon various factors. Some of the surgeries include: • Hymen Stitching. Basically, a technique where hymenoplasty surgery is done by sewing up the broken hymen and the remaining hymen. • Hymen Reconstruction. It is the procedure where if the patient has remaining soft tissue they use them for reconstruction by stitching the hymen together. • Alloplant Technique. It is a technique where the reconstruction of the hymen is done by an artificial procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the complications of hymenoplasty?

    Some of the complications of hymenoplasty are swelling near the surgery site, allergic reaction due to anesthesia, spot bleeding for few days, vomiting or nausea in rare cases, itchiness due to stitches.

  • When can we start our normal activities like walking?

    Generally, doctors will recommend you to minimize your walking practice.