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The Best Labiaplasty In Mumbai


In simpler words, plastic surgery is used to alter and fold the skin around the human vulva in the labia minora and labia majora. There are two types of women who have had genital surgery. For starters, they have congenital conditions such as intersex and second, which have no underlying cause and cause physical discomfort.


Difficulty urinating with enlarged labia minora, chronic urinary tract infections due to enlarged labia, trauma to the labia after childbirth, changes to the labia due to hormonal fluctuation, and physical discomfort during physical activity including sports or sexual intercourses are the most common causes of labiaplasty.


The most common symptoms of labiaplasty are superficial infections, dehiscence, unsatisfactory scarring, hematoma, and so on. With wedge resection, you may also encounter flap necrosis.


Doctors will first decide which of the two main types of labia minora procedures, edge resection or wedge resection, is best for you. Edge resection involves trimming the protruding edges of the labia, whereas wedge resection involves cutting wedge-shaped skin out of the center of the labia minora to preserve the natural labial edges. On the other hand, there are two types of labia majora procedures in which doctors must cut down the liposuction or tissue on the labia that is longer than desired. In the second, the labia are not as desired as they should be, so doctors injected fat or another type of filler material.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the aftercare of this surgery?

    Usually, you have to wear loose clothes, for a period you have to avoid exercise and other such activities.

  • What are the risks?

    The risks include numbness, chronic dryness, decreased vulvar sensitivity, and so on.