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The Best Molar Pregnancy In Mumbai


Molar Pregnancy also known as the hydatidiform mole is a pregnancy complication that occurs when sperm and egg are not joint properly at fertilization. It is usually characterized by the abnormal growth of trophoblasts. A tumour grows inside the uterus which does not support the developing embryo. 


The main common cause of molar pregnancy is problems with a fertilized egg. An extra set of chromosomes comes from the father which does not allow the fertilized egg to survive. 


Some of the symptoms of a molar pregnancy include vaginal bleeding during the first trimester, watery brown discharge, high blood pressure, severe nausea, vomiting, no heartbeat of the fetus, grape-like cysts passing out of the vagina, thyroid, pelvic pressure, or pain. 


Your doctor will ask you to go for an ultrasound of your uterus to diagnose molar pregnancy. He may even ask you to go for several tests. It is seen that in most cases, molar pregnancy ends up on its own through the grape-like cysts passing out of the vagina.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is mostly at risk of molar pregnancy?

    Usually, people with less than 20 years and more than 35 years are at a great risk of molar pregnancy.

  • Can you prevent molar pregnancy?

    No, there is no way through which you can prevent molar pregnancy. However, if you have had molar pregnancy earlier try avoiding another pregnancy for at least one year.