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The Best Vaginal Cyst In Mumbai


A vaginal cyst is a pouch of tissue which is filled with air, fluid, pus or any other material and it occurs on or under the lining of the vagina. They are also known as inclusion cysts. The size of the cyst varies from much smaller which can't be seen through the naked eye to the size of an orange. 


The cause of the vaginal cyst depends upon the size of the cyst. It can be caused due to the trauma of the vaginal walls or when the openings of the glands become blocked causing liquid or any other material to collect inside.  


The vaginal cyst does not show any symptoms. However, if you have a cyst you might feel a lump on the vaginal wall or lips. Cysts are not painful but some larger cysts such as Bartholin gland cysts can cause discomfort and pain during performing your daily activities such as walking, sitting, etc.


Your healthcare provider will monitor the size and the appearance of the cyst during your routine check. If the size of the cyst increases, your doctor may even suggest you go for surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do vaginal cysts go away by themselves?

    Most of the vaginal cysts go away by themselves. However, if the cyst is larger, your doctor may suggest surgery.

  • How can you prevent vaginal cysts?

    The growth of the cyst is difficult to prevent. You can maintain hygiene to stop cyst formation.