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Best Interferential Therapy Treatment


Interferential therapy is used by many physiotherapy clinics to accelerate the healing process, relieve the pain in the body and get your body back to a healthy state.


How does it work?

Interferential proposition works by transferring a small quantum of electrical stimulation to damaged tissues in the body. This therapy helps to boost the body's natural process for responding to pain, increases blood inflow, and produces hormones that promote healing. The interferential current goes deep into the muscle nerves or tissue for targeted treatment. Interferential therapy works without some of the uncomfortable sensations associated with low-frequency stimulation. The physical therapists can control the exact frequencies during the session.

Benefits of interferential therapy

The benefits of interferential therapy include pain relief, and an increase in local blood flow to reduce swelling and muscle spasms. This therapy can also be used to treat muscle weakness or incontinence secondary to trauma or surgery. It is also quite helpful in treating extreme weakness when a person is unable to produce a muscle contraction.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many days of Interferential Therapy can be given?

    Interferential Therapy is given for a time duration of seven days. However, in severe cases, it can be given continuously for 21 days

  • Does Interferential Therapy reduce inflammation?

    Yes, it does reduce inflammation by stimulating deep into the affected tissue.