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Best Post Covid Physio Treatment


Patients recovering from Covid are usually unfit both mentally and physically. They might feel a sense of tiredness every time. A long stay in the hospital during Covid might take a toll on your mental health. A person suffering from covid usually ends up losing some weight and thus becoming weak.



Your Physio might recommend you the following exercises:

  • Breathing exercises: Breathing control can work well if you are suffering from breathlessness post covid wherein you are advised to breathe in through your nose and then breathe out with your lips pursed which will help you in slowing down your breathing. You need to relax and pause after every breath out.
  • Coughing: It can be difficult sometimes to control your cough post-covid. If you have a dry cough, taking a few sips of water can help. You should avoid smoking, strong perfumes, or air fresheners. Try taking as many fluids as you can.
  • Tiredness: Most patients suffering from covid complain about tiredness after recovery. You should not be too hard on yourself and allow yourself to take time as you recover. Try giving more time to your activities and planning it accordingly. Sleeping well can be helpful.

It is very important to resume your normal activities gradually. Try listening to your body and don’t be too hard on yourself as recovering from covid might take time.