Best Regenerative Therapy Treatment


Regenerative Therapy for hip joints is a non-surgical procedure for patients suffering from various types of hip injuries. . It helps in restoring the function of your hip joints which is lost due to various problems.


Regenerative therapy for a hip joint includes stem cell hip treatment wherein a highly trained orthopedic physician withdraws a patient's autologous stem cell from his bone marrow which is later combined with platelets and white blood cells. Once they are combined, they are injected into the affected or injured area of the hip to accelerate healing. 

Conditions Treated 

It is very helpful for patients suffering from various hip problems such as bursitis, tendinopathy, mild to moderate osteoarthritis, hip labral tears, hip tendonitis, avascular necrosis, etc.


There are various benefits of regenerative therapy for hip joints such as lack of disruptive side effects, produces new tissue within the hip, no need for expensive painkiller drugs, quick recovery and healing time, less expensive as compared to that surgeries, treats difficult muscle injuries, relieves pain, increases the mobility of the joints

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does stem cell hip injection last?

    Stem cell hip injection lasts for about 1 year.

  • Is stem cell therapy good for hip pain?

    Stem cell therapy is very effective when it comes to relieving hip pain without surgery.