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Best Soft Tissue Treatment


Soft tissue mobilization is a therapy in which hand on techniques are used on muscles to improve their function and heal the tissues. It helps in treating soft tissue injuries and relaxing muscles. It breaks up the scar tissue and removes the waste products from the damaged area thus ensuring quick healing.



There are various benefits of soft tissue mobilization such as improvements in joint range of motion, increases blood flow, increase muscle strength, reduced swelling, restoring functionality, relieving pain, relaxing muscles, etc. It even improves mobility and sleep cycle, reduces stress, etc.

Conditions Treated

Soft tissue mobilization treats conditions such as tennis elbow, golfers elbow, scar tissue, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle injury, contractures, arthritis, ankle or knee sprain, hip pain, whiplash, etc.



There are certain risks involved in soft tissue mobilization. People with conditions such as diabetes, kidney dysfunction, heart disease, acute injury, high-risk pregnancy, Neuropathy, etc should avoid this therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does soft tissue mobilization take?

    Your physiotherapist will apply pressure on specific pain points and hold it for around 90 seconds to 3 minutes.

  • Is soft tissue mobilization a manual therapy?

    Soft tissue mobilization is a manual therapy wherein hand on techniques are used by your physiotherapist to heal the pain.