Best Spinal Cord Stimulator Treatment


A Spinal Cord Stimulator is a device that is used to send low-level electrical signals to the selected areas of the spinal cord to relieve pain. It stops the nerves from sending the pain signals to the brain which eventually provides pain relief to the patient. It is usually used after the constant failure of nonsurgical options.

Conditions Treated

A spinal Cord Stimulator is used to treat various chronic conditions such as post-surgical pain, heart pain, Spinal cord injuries, swollen and painful arachnoid, back pain, pain related to the nerves, visceral abdominal pain, etc. 


There are various benefits of Spinal Cord Stimulation such as it provides relief to the patients and is a great alternative to oral medication. It is a minimally invasive procedure that provides cost-effective pain relief. There are hardly any side effects involved in Spinal Cord Stimulation. 


There are rarely any risks involved in Spinal Cord Stimulation. However, some of the risks include infection, device migration, device damage, spinal cord trauma, bleeding, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does Spinal Cord Stimulation takes?

    The procedure usually takes at least one hour 

  • Is Spinal Cord Stimulator Surgery painful?

    You might experience certain discomfort and soreness at the site of the surgery which will last for a temporary period.