Spinal Manual Therapy

About the process:

Spinal manual therapy is specialised form of PT delivered by hands to put pressure on muscle tissue & manipulate joint in order to decreased pain, improve joint mobility, reduce muscle spasm & it dysfunction.

What is the procedure

  • Soft tissue release. (Decreased muscle tension).
  • Mobilisation/manipulation (helps loosen, tight tissues, decreased pain, increased flexibility) by varying speed, force, amplitude.

Quick facts

  • Corrects alignment.
  • Works on central systems to decreased pain
  • Decreased stiffness
  • Increased mobility of spine
  • Simple techniques done by therapist with good results
  • Helps to correct posture & functional independence (ADL)
  • Improve relaxation & target source of pain, instead of only pain management
  • Improve spinal biomechanics improves spine health

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