Best Stellate Ganglion Block Treatment


Stellate Ganglion Block is a non-surgical treatment in which an injection containing medication is used to help provide pain relief in the head, neck, upper arm, and upper chest.


Your doctor will ask you to lie down on an x-ray table and the skin of your neck will be cleaned. A thin needle containing local anesthetic will be inserted into your neck near your voice box. Then another needle with anesthetic medication will be inserted under the proper guidance of an X-ray.


Stellate Ganglion Block is very helpful in providing instant pain relief in the head, neck, upper arm, and upper chest by stopping the nerves from carrying the pain signals to the brain. It also helps in increasing blood circulation and blood supply to the arm.


The risk involved in Stellate Ganglion Block is very low. Some of the risks include red eyes, tearing, nasal stiffness, difficulty in swallowing food, warmth in your arm or hand, infection, drooping eyelids, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should you avoid after Stellate Ganglion Block?

    You should avoid any rigorous activity for at least 24 hours after Stellate Ganglion Block.

  • How effective is Stellate Ganglion Block?

    Some patients experience instant relief through Stellate ganglion Block whereas others can find it effective after a few hours.