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Best Hip Replacement Hospital In Mumbai,India

Overview Of Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery includes the replacement of the hip joint with new artificial joint components known as "prostheses." The goal of this procedure is to enhance the patient's mobility, pain reduction, hip joint function, and overall quality of life. It can be done traditionally or using a less invasive procedure. The size of the incision is the primary distinction between these two treatments.

Benefits Of Hip Replacement Surgery

The most significant advantage of hip replacement surgery is that it eliminates pain, including other advantages like increased movement, coordination of the torso and leg, the capacity to walk, and the ability to continue an active and healthy lifestyle. Secondary advantages include a lower chance of chronic health issues such as heart failure.

Preparation and Recovery Of Hip Replacement Surgery

Patients must make a series of appointments prior to their operation date to get testing and clearance. Urine analysis, blood tests, EKGs, and X-rays are performed during these sessions. Following surgery, the patient is sent for immediate observation, which typically lasts one to four hours. Patients are given intravenous fluids throughout the recovery phase, which are critical for maintaining electrolytes and replacing any fluids lost during surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will full recovery take?

    The patients should be able to move around the house after 4-6 weeks without experiencing any pain or using any sort of walking aid.

  • What sort of Post-Operative Care will I require?

    You may need the help of a close friend or a family member for everyday tasks such as getting dressed and showering.

  • Will I need physical therapy?

    Yes. Physical therapy is an essential part of your hip replacement recovery process.