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Best Ultrasound Therapy Treatment


Ultrasound therapy is electrotherapy that has been used for several years in physiotherapy practices. Basically, it is used for its non-thermal effect where high-frequency sound waves cause vibrations and movement of cellular fluids. The benefits of ultrasound therapy include enhancing the healing rate of certain soft tissues.


What to Expect?

A small portion of gel will be applied to the body part to be treated. A transducer attached to the ultrasound machine will be placed onto the gel and moved in small circles by the physiotherapist. The machine will be set by the physiotherapist to deliver the appropriate depth and intensity of sound wave required.


Ultrasound therapy has a lesser risk of causing any complications. But, exposure to low-intensity ultrasound for a long duration may cause superficial burns on the skin. Cavitation ultrasound therapy is also likely to cause minor discomfort due to the shockwaves it causes. Your doctor will administer a sedative or anesthesia to manage the pain.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How safe is ultrasound therapy?

    Ultrasound therapy is a safe and harmless treatment technique. However, in certain situations, ultrasound therapy may not be appropriate. In certain cases, Your physiotherapist will make sure that it is an appropriate technique for you and discuss it with you over it.

  • Why do physical therapists use ultrasound therapy?

    Physical therapists use ultrasound therapy for various kind of reasons. When a hot pack is unable to reach deeper layers of the body, a physical therapist makes use of ultrasound since it can reach these areas.