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The Best Varicocele In Mumbai


Varicocele is similar to varicose veins it arrives when your spectrum swells and gets larger. Varicocele can affect you with decreased sperm production and quality.


Blood flow issues could exist in the spermatic cord, which transports blood to and from your testicles. If valves inside the veins don't work properly, blood backs up, and the veins in the cord widen.


You will rarely experience any symptoms in varicocele. But if any, such as a switch from dull to sharp, get worse when you stand or exert yourself, and go away when you lie on your back, etc.


Doctors will recommend if the surgery is typically required as part of infertility treatment for men who are having trouble getting pregnant. The surgery has to proceed to seal off the affected vein to redirect the blood flow into healthy veins. That is possible because two other artery-and-vein systems can supply blood circulation to and from the scrotum.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the possible complications after varicocele?

    Your primary fertility or secondary fertility can both be impacted by varicocele, but only at various levels. If a couple hasn't conceived a child after at least a year of trying, they are said to be experiencing primary infertility. Secondary infertility refers to a couple's inability to conceive after having at least one child.

  • Are there any risks after having surgery?

    There are some risks after having surgery that might include damage to an artery and chronic testicular pain.