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The orthopaedic surgery attempts to amends the complications that might arise in joints (skeletons), tendons and ligaments due to normal routine activities. Such problems might be caused at birth, injury or aging.

At Axis Orthopaedics Hospital we perform knee replacement, hip replacement, ligament tear, minimally invasive spine ,and arthroscopy surgeries.

Yes, the orthopaedic surgery at Axis Orthopaedic Hospital is covered by insurance. For further details kindly refer to our third-party administrator page. Additionally, you can always contact us.

The joint replacement surgery is performed on inimical or arthritic hip, knee, shoulder and elbow joints. This surgery basically replaces defective organs with artificial joints.

Basically, We at Axis Orthopaedic Hospital are always committed to providing best in class orthopaedic treatment to our patients. The total recovery time for orthopaedic surgeries is depended on several factors including the type of surgery, your overall health, treatment condition. You can call our expert to know more.

The artificial joints provided by Axis Orthopaedic Hospital may last upwards of 20-30 years. Although prosthetics durability is also depended on your weight, health and your activities.

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